Holiday Stripes

Fringe Sweater || Stripe Turtleneck Dress || Over the Knee Boots (save and splurge) || Red Lipstick || Marc Bale Watch

Today I am sharing a simple holiday look that could be worn so many different ways. It is cozy and comfortable yet dressed up in the perfect way. I have been trying to approach my style in a different way lately with pieces that can be worn many different ways and I think these are all pieces that are versatile. I have been stock piling sweaters for the past few months and this one is probably one of my favorites in my collection. I have work it with jeans and also a plain black dress. But here I love the look of the different textures with the stripe turtleneck dress and my suede boots.

Photography by Darcy.
The look of a leather strap watch such as this Marc Bale Watch. It is casual but can be worn with any outfit. I have been wearing this one almost every day. You will notice in the background of these photos tall white objects. Where I live there is a park that holds a few month long celebration every year for the holiday season called Bright Nights. At dusk all of these are lit up and are definitely a site to see. I always look forward to this time of year!
One other item I have been wearing almost non-stop are my black over-the-knee boots. There are so many options you can find today from $60-$800. I almost like to think that a black over-the-knee boot is a must have for the winter seasons. I love wearing a pair of tall socks to keep warm or a pair of tights with them.
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