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Creativity has always been a strong suit of mine and since Mark and I got engaged last April I have been thinking of ways we can do thing creatively and different for our wedding, including our wedding gifts. For my bridesmaids, I had assembled bags full of my favorite things for the bridesmaids to enjoy and to officially ask my girls to be in our wedding. For Mark, deciding who will be in our wedding took him a little bit of time. I knew I wanted to give the groomsmen something special as I did with the bridesmaids but I wasn't sure what. Then suddenly it struck me girls love wine and guys love whiskey and cigars! With a plethora of Cubero Cigars I decided to get started!

Since most of Mark's groomsmen no longer live in the area, I decided a Christmas themed groomsmen gift would be perfect! I knew we would be seeing them in the next few weeks and would be able to give them their gifts so I headed to the store picked up some candy cane stripe ribbon and glitter pine cones and cut a few sprigs of pine off of my Christmas tree.


1. Mini pine cones
2. Wood stain in Mocha or another dark color
3. Real or faux pine sprigs
4. Your favorite ribbon
6. Unfinished Wood Box

I started my project a few days before completely assembling everything. I knew I needed to stain my boxes and wanted to make sure they were fully dry before I did so I started by staining the top and sides of the box with a small brush and my Mocha stain, then the bottom, and then the inside. I let this dry for a full 24 hours. 
Painting the boxes was the toughest part! The rest of the project will be a breeze. Start by assembling your boxes. I used three types of Cubero Cigars (Mocha, Wine, and Sweet) so that Mark's groomsmen would have a variety to choose from. As I did when I made my bridesmaids gifts, I gave them a variety of items in their bags, why not give the groomsmen a variety of cigars!
To assemble everything together, I placed the pinecone in the bottom of the glass and tied up the sprig of pine in the front with this candy cane striped ribbon. I also made tags to officially ask the groomsmen to be in the wedding!

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