Festive Skirt

Things are getting super festive today thanks to this plaid and red combo! All week long I have been sharing holiday looks and this might just be my favorite! Flannel has quickly become a favorite of mine during these chilly months and one thing I love to do with my flannel is mix a girly skirt with it.  Here I mixed this oversized flannel with this amazing midi skirt! 

Photography by Darcy.
I have been getting so much wear out of this amazing flannel the past few weeks as it looks great with jeans as well. It has an oversized "boyfriend" feel and looks great with my destroyed skinny jeans and booties! However this amazing red skirt is the perfect combination for it because it has hints of red in the plaid. The skirt has a small jacquard print on it but does not overwhelm the plaid pattern because it is subtle. I love the combination of the two textures.
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