Cashmere Tee

Although I love to get dressed up and girly on a regular basis, I am also someone who loves a great tee and jean combo. A soft oversized tee is something that every girl should have in her closet. I often take my fiancé, Mark's tees and sweatshirts and wear them because they are oh so comfortable. I have also been known to shop in the men's department and purchase my tees a few sizes larger just for the extra comfort. I have never owned a cashmere tee before and this one from Hale Harden is amazing! They also have hats, sweatshirts and henley tees that I have my eye on!

Photography by Darcy.
Lately I have been tote bag obsessed. I am not sure if it is my need to constantly be able to carry around most of my belongings or if I just am too lazy to take things out of my purse but I like to be able to shove as many things as possible into it. I am a busy girl and always on the go I need to be able to have a lot with me. Sometimes I even throw my  lunch into it and just run out the door. I recently received this gorgeous pine green tote. The weaved pattern is beautiful and I absolutely love how large it is! I know this will be lasting me a very long time! 
I have been asked a lot of questions on how to style booties lately and with a simple search on Pinterest you can find all sorts of ways to style them. My favorite is a messy roll that brings your jeans right above the top of your bootie. Speaking of Pinterest, I love to pin and I am sure you do too! Find mine here and join me in pinning some great images!
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