Camel + Chambray

Sunday was a weirdly foggy day. The weather was beautiful and sunny but for some reason the fog wouldn't seem to lift. Although the fog wouldn't lift you will see in the background of these images that it created a beautiful image with the sun peeking through the woods in the background. Since the weather was nice I was able to go out with just a long sleeve shirt and scarf and still feel warm. This blanket scarf has quickly become a favorite of mine. It has some really great fall colors in it and I have been wearing it a ton!

Photography by Darcy.
One other item I have been using a ton is this gorgeous Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote. When I received it was pleasantly surprised with the size. I love totes because I seem to carry a million things with me all day every day. I have turned it into my every day bag. I also was slightly worried because I thought that the fabric on the bag would be a faux fur but when I saw that it is actually made of a water resistant nylon I was so excited. I know it will last me a very long time!
This year we have been blessed with a very mild fall and I am hoping it continues until the winter. I do love snow but it has been nice to go outside and not freeze!
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