Plaid & Flares

Fall is full of deeper bolder colors and patterns. The one color that is always the most perfect addition to your fall wardrobe is almost always a deep burgundy. I always can't wait to pull out my deepest lipstick and create some outfits with that color. I spotted this amazing burgundy bag last week and knew it would be the perfect addition to the top I received from Tolani.

Photography by Darcy.
Flares have also been a huge want on my wishlist and finally I was able to find the perfect pair! I am quite picky when it comes to jeans so when I found these I was so excited. I like jeans that aren't think like a legging and have some structure. I also don't like jeans unless they are soft feeling. I have had a few pairs in the past that feel awful on. I have learned my lesson and almost will always splurge on denim because I truly think that it is worth it!
I adore the details on the Tolani pieces. There are great shirts and dresses with beautiful patterns. I had my eye on a dress last summer but never picked it up. Now I want every style they have! Check out a few more pieces I love below!

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