Viva Vantage: 7-Day Switch Up

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Paper towels.. It is not something I normally blog about while I do blog about recipes and cleaning and maintaining my home. With a messy dog and fiance it can sometimes be hard to keep up after them. After receiving the chance to attend a Live Event for Viva® Vantage® I jumped at the chance. I didn't have any idea what to expect but after leaving, I knew I met a great group of ladies and was quite excited to head home and challenge myself to the 7-Day Switch Up. Keep on reading to see some photos from the event as well as some of my newest favorite switch ups with using Viva® Vantage®.

When I arrived I immediately noticed the beautiful mums! One thing I absolutely loved about the hostess' home was her decor! Jen sure knows how to decorate for a party! She had a great idea of putting her mums into colanders and pots! Something I would have never thought of but I absolutely loved this idea.
Both of our hostesses, Jen and NJ, were ready to share what they already found during their 7-Day Switch Up. Here Jen was describing how stretchy and strong Viva® Vantage® paper towels are. This is certainly something I have found while using my Viva® Vantage® paper towels the past week and one way I have been using my  Viva® Vantage® paper towels constantly is with cleaning my fruit and veggies. Instead of using a colander to wash them I have been placing them on a Viva® Vantage® paper towel and washing them. The water strains through the towel and then you I will dry them off and place them in a air tight container!
We also used our Viva® Vantage® paper towels to clean off our veggies. We all were shocked to see how much dirt came off of the tomatoes. Other ways that Viva® Vantage® paper towels can be used is to switch up using your veggie scrubber when cleaning potatoes and mushrooms with your Viva® Vantage® paper towels
We also made out own little antipasto skewers! I loved this idea so much that I made antipasto skewers for a football party over the weekend! To remove the oil from the fresh mozzarella balls, a Viva® Vantage® paper towel was used. Another great switch up to using a colander!
After the Live Event, I thought to myself that Viva® Vantage® paper towels are such great addition to party prep as well as using during the party. Another great switch up that was mentioned was drying of your stemware with a Viva® Vantage® paper towel for a sparkling finish. You can also use Viva® Vantage® paper towels to chill your bottle of wine quickly! Just wrap a damp Viva® Vantage® paper towel around your bottle of wine and pop it in the freezer to chill rapidly!

After my 7-Day Switch Up, I don't think I will be going back to my regular paper towel brand! To find out more about Viva® Vantage®, head to their website here!

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