UniversiTEE Box

What's better than a fun and uplifting box that you get to receive monthly? I love these sort of subscription boxes because you get a little surprise in each one. Although you usually have an idea of what you will be receiving you don't always have an idea exactly what it will be. For example, I knew I would be receiving the top above from my UniversiTEE Box but I didn't knnow I would also receive the fabulous jewels also!
The UniversiTEE Box comes in the cutest little package. Full of confetti and pretty things for me to enjoy. My box came with a tee, necklace, pin, and three notebooks! The UniversiTEE Box aims to enlighten, empower and embrace you with a monthly warm hug of goodies!
One thing I know I will be getting a lot of use out of are these cute little notebooks! I am always taking notes for everything whether I am at work or just taking notes for general day to day life! Whether you want to give a cute little UniversiTEE Box as a gift to yourself or a friend, I know it will certainly be something everyone will enjoy!
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