Moxie Box

While in Boston with my friend Darcy over the weekend we spotted this amazing bright blue wall that we knew we had to stop at. While we headed around the corner to Fanuiel Hall for the Uniqlo opening we had this wall in the back of our mind almost all day. I had been wearing this bright blue tassel necklace and jersey dress from Moxie BoxMoxie Box is a great subscription box that sends you personalized pieces from taking their style quiz!

Photography by Darcy.
The bright blue wall immediately caught our eye. Although it was the last stop in our day we knew we had to get to it. Surrounding this wall was a park that had a ton of other art installations. One of our favorites was a ton of delicate, colorful thread suspended high above the park from buildings. It was so interesting to see!
This wall was tough to get to as parking is sparse in Boston but we figured out a way to get to it! Not only was the area that it is in beautiful with tall buildings and beautiful gardens but we also loved the message on the wall. 
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