Faneuil Hall

A few weekends ago I got the chance to attend the opening weekend of Uniqlo at Faneuil Hall in Boston! Boston is only about an hour away from where I live so I invited my friend Darcy and we headed to Boston! It was a fun day walking around Faneuil Hall and seeing the store for the first time. Darcy and I have never actually shopped in a store but we had shopped online so it was fun to see how the store was set up.

Photography by Darcy.
When we first walked in I noticed a long hall way that had a bunch of joining rooms. Each room had a different sort of theme. We really loved all of the flannel shirts while we were there and each got one! I also got a pair of these legging pants which are only $19.90! I got them in olive but I think I need a few more pairs. They are so comfortable and look just like a regular pair of pants with pockets and all!
Faneuil Hall is full of cobblestone bricks everywhere. While we were walking to the store we noticed this beautiful hallway which joined the street to Faneuil Hall and stopped to take a few photos. The cobblestone adds to much character and history to the area. I you have never been to Faneuil Hall and plan on visiting Boston I would definitely recommend it!
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