Stripes & Rips

In the city I grew up in there are many historic places that I rarely get the chance to admire. While out over the weekend with my friend, Darcy, we took a few minutes to enjoy the gorgeous Barney Carriage House. The Barney Carriage House now holds event such as weddings but over 375 years ago Everett Barney invented the clip on ice skate and built his beautiful home and carriage house in what we now call Forest Park.

Photography by Darcy.
There are beautiful wooden doors that lead you into the carriage house. They reminded me of the stripes on this great blouse from SheIn. It is so stylish and easy to wear and is only $16! I love the oversized fit and the feel. For size reference I ordered a medium in order for it to be slightly oversized.
While we were visiting, we spent some time walking around and enjoying the beautiful landscape and flowers that have bloomed all summer long. There was also a tent set up from an event from the night before.
My all time favorite jeans are from Paige Denim. These black skinny jeans are my favorite to wear when the weather becomes cooler. I love the soft feel and the rips in the knee. I have found over the past few years that it is more beneficial to spend a little more on a great pair of jeans that will last you a long time and Paige Denim is my number one recommendation.
I recently found that I love the look of layering necklaces. It gives off such a laid back vibe while being able to wear some of your favorites all at once.
One feature of the Barney Carriage House that is truly unique is the mosaic made out of broken glass. As you can tell from a far a lot of the glass has fallen off over the years but up close the pieces of glass are amazing. Some have old wording on them and some are beautiful vibrant colors! It makes me wonder when the piece was installed!

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