Gray Pleated Dress

It's hard to believe that I am already wearing a fleece lined vest and long socks but we all know the cooler weather is inevitable! This past weekend was actually slightly chilly and rainy which made me look forward to cozy clothes. Usually a skater dress such as this Sweetest Stitch Gray Pleated Dress is a bit of a go to for me. I love how easy a skater dress can be. You can throw it on with tights, heels, booties, or flats and be ready to go. I have also been wanting a cozy vest, such as this one for quite some time. I know it is going to become a staple for me!
Photography by Darcy.
One thing I always forget about in my city is the beauty in the architecture. Darcy always has great ideas and places to visit and this was one of my favorites! It had been years since I had gone to museum and library in the downtown area and I couldn't stop admiring the beautiful grey stones of the buildings. Darcy has always had a love for our city and I really admire her! Be sure to check out her tumblr page here for more stunning photography!
It seems like we are at the last of our end of summer flowers and we both wanted to stop and admire them while we still could. In the area where the museum is there is a beautiful garden that we stopped at, I will miss these beauties!
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