Fall Weddings

Fall wedding season is upon us and after recently being asked by a few friends what they should wear to upcoming weddings they are attending, I decided to put together a guide of looks for fall weddings! I am attending one in the next two weeks and have already purchased my dress from one of my favorite sites Rent The Runway. I love Rent The Runway for so many reasons. I am someone who likes to wear a different dress to each wedding which can become insanely expensive. With Rent The Runway you can rent a designer dress for the weekend at a heavy discount! You can also find handbags, clutches, and jewelry you can rent. Plus with your first rental you can get 20% off! Click here to redeem the 20% off!


I love florals and I am pretty sure you all know this! I picked these three floral dresses because they have such great fall colors in them. To tie the colors in the dress together, choose a bright clutch or a metallic shoe! I love this clutch with studs on it to go with either dress number one or number two. For dress number 3, I picked metallic pieces to tie with the metallic fabric of the dress.


Lace is another favorite of mine. Usually when I am looking for a dress to wear to a special event my eye immediately goes towards lace dresses. I love the three I chose here because they are great fall colors. Deep plum and maroon are two colors that I plan on wearing all fall and dresses number four and six are the two perfect shades. I also love dress number five since it has a great flounce skirt and lace top! 


Navy is not a color you see me wear often but I wanted to make a board of some of the beautiful navy dresses I found on Rent The Runway. As I mentioned before, I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks and I actually chose a navy dress to wear and I am so excited! I love the look of navy because it looks chic and polished. I have never been a fan of wearing black with navy but as of recently it has really grown on me! I plan on wearing some black heels with my navy dress and a black clutch. What do you think of black and navy?      

Be sure to shop these boards and use them as inspiration for your upcoming fall weddings! Follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest!

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