Quick & Easy Ab Workout Plus An Albion Fit Giveaway!

I am not sure about you but whenever I have a new set of workout clothes I instantly feel more motivated to get out there and get a great workout in. This top and pants from Albion Fit were perfect for this past weekend when it was a cool morning and I headed out for a run followed by my favorite quick easy ab workout. This ab workout is done circuit style and I use the Interval Timer App from iTunes to time my exercise and rest intervals. I will complete as many reps of each exercise in each 30 second segment and then rest for 10 seconds before moving onto the next one. After I have completed each of the exercises I rest for 1 minute and then repeat! The entire workout takes me less then ten minutes! It is that simple!

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So if you want to see how to do this quick and easy ab workout set your timer and complete each of the exercises! You may also view the video below to see how each of the exercises are performed.

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*This workout is adapted from Heather Bavin's Shred Before You Wed*

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