Cape Cod


Wine tasting, rum tasting, picnic snacking, beach combing, and oyster eating are all included in a New Englander's perfect day. If you are from New England, I can guarantee that you have been to Cape Cod or you know where Cape Cod is. If not Cape Cod is in southeastern Massachusetts and is a popular summer destination. From the second you get onto the Cape you are surrounded by beaches, quaint villages, lighthouses, and restaurants to find your favorite seafood everywhere you go. I grew up coming to the Cape during the summer but this past weekend was filled with activities that I have never done on the Cape.
My mom, Brady, and I started our trip early Saturday morning to meet my brother and his girlfriend at Truro Vineyards. One of my favorite things about Cape Cod is the fact that everywhere you go they are pretty much dog friendly. The little munchkin was able to make the trip with us and he had the best time! 
When we first arrived we went into the shop to have a wine tasting. The wine tasting actually ended up being out doors on the patio which I loved! We were surrounded by the beautiful grape vines as well as good company with an excellent server who described all of the wines to us perfectly. My mom actually gave me for a "wine of the month club" from Truro Vineyards so we had tried most of the wines and knew which ones we liked. One of my favorites is the Cabernet Franc with its bold flavors. We purchased a bottle and settled in for a picnic on their front lawn.
Truro Vineyards also distills their own rum called Twenty Boat Rum. We were able to try both of their rums along with a mixed drink they called "the pain killer" made with their rum. The first rum we tried tasted was just like any other rum you may have had before but the second rum we tasted was called "spiced" and it was delicious. It tasted just like it's name and was so spicy. It would be a perfect drink for the fall. 
Everywhere you go on the Cape it seems like their flowers grow better then they would at home. It must be the ocean air. These beautiful roses were everywhere we looked!
Truro Vineyards is only about 15 minutes from Provincetown which has been a favorite of ours for years. We decided to take the trip there to walk on the beach and check out some shops. Our first stop was the marina. 
Surrounded by boats we walked all the way down to the end of the pier and enjoyed the views. Lining the pier are little shops with trinkets and handmade items you can purchase.
Brady had actually never been to the ocean before so it was fun to see him running through the water. He absolutely loved running on the sand and headed straight for the water to see what he could find. Behind us you can see the pier we walked on.
We did not realize it but the particular day we went there was a Portuguese festival and parade. As we were walking down the street people started to line the streets to watch the parade.  
We ended our day in Welfleet, which is still on the Cape. Welfleet is known for their oysters so of course we had to indulge! We may or may not have got two of these!

Have you ever been to Cape Cod? What is your favorite thing to do on the Cape?

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