Bikini Lab




Anyone who has known me since I was in high school, knows that I have a serious addiction. That one addiction is to bikinis! I am unsure what it is about them but I have always have had a need to purchase many new bikinis every summer. Maybe it is the plethora of styles that are available or the bright colors and beautiful patterns, I just have never seemed to have enough. Plus at the end of the summer you can always stock up on more bikinis because they are on sale and seriously though, who can pass up a sale! When I recently received these Bikini Lab bikinis, I couldn't wait to get them on and head outside to spend some time at the beach or at the pool. The styles are all bright and colorful and have pretty little details such as the straps on the back of this bikini and the ruffle details on this bikini! Since the weather was absolutely gorgeous over the weekend I spent the day by the pool with my little pup, Brady!   

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