What Weekends Are Really For

The weekend is finally here and I am sharing a go to weekend outfit and my top three favorite weekend activities! For me weekends are all about being comfortable since I do spend a lot of time catching up on things I didn't get the chance to do during the week. I still like to make sure I am comfortable, so I always throw something on that I know I will be comfortable in to go through my day. This Triple Thread OC Slouch Top is just so soft and comfortable and my shorts from Forever 21 are almost like pajamas! Seriously, you can't go wrong with this combination!


1. Take a long walk or hike - I have the best walking/hiking buddy and his name is Brady. He is a little white fluff ball that loves to go out and walk all throughout my neighborhood. He also loves to go for hikes which is quite hysterical if you have ever seen a photo of him. He has the shortest legs but will still climb rocks as good as a pup triple his size!

2. Garden - Since the weather has been getting warmer, I have been planting gardens all around my house. I have so far planted a vegetable and herb garden, some new hydrangeas (my favorite), some peonies and a few other flowers. I love brightening up the exterior of my home with pops of color all throughout!

3. Hang out outside with friends or family - Mark has been building a beautiful stone patio for us to enjoy outside since we love to spend time outside with our friends and family. We have a rather large back yard and we seem to have made good space with it. We have built a fire pit and will be done with our patio soon. Invite your friends or family over and make some sangria to enjoy!

What is your favorite thing to do over the weekend?

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