Ugh, Monday.

Ugh, Monday is right, especially this rainy, below average temperature Monday. I know I would for sure rather be with Alex on our favorite beach in Rhode Island! I thought this "Run Fast, Love Slow" tee was far too perfect for Alex when I saw it because she is a marathon runner. I on the other hand always have a chai tea in my hand on Monday mornings while I am heading to work! When we spent the day at the beach a few weeks ago and shot some photos the weather was just perfect but today and the rest of this week is supposed to be chilly and cold! We are suppose to be getting closer to summer but instead we are going backwards! 

We also hand painted our pineapples! How cute are they? I ended up cutting the tops off to save and plant them to grow new pineapples! I will be painting some in the next few weeks for Alex's luau themed going away party (she is moving to NYC). So I will do a tutorial on them!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Be sure to shop the post below and follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest!

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