The Perfect Work Skirt

Finding versatile work styles has always been a challenge for me. I love to find pieces that I can wear to work but I can also wear while I am out with my friends and family. Something that is suitable for work usually means that it is long enough and also is not overly form fitting and something that I can wear out with friends is usually something stylish and colorful and this LulaRoe Madison Skirt fits both!

LulaRoe is such a great brand for many reasons. They produce comfortable clothing that you can tie into your every day wardrobe, the quality is exceptional, and it is a clothing line designed to fit women of all ages and sizes! Plus LulaRoe provides women with the opportunity to become a business owner and actually make real money doing so! It is the perfect job for a stay at home mom or side job that enables women to make a full-time income while having the flexibility of being their own boss! Who wouldn't want that!! A LulaRoe business owner who does one pop-up boutique per week makes an average of $1400/month and those who do 3-4 per week average $5600/month! LulaRoe has great styles and has been called the "Anthropologie of direct sales". As a ground floor company with only about 1,000 consultants, this is the perfect time to become a part of LulaRoe!

Right now if you head over to the LulaRoe site you can receive free shipping with promo code SADITHOMPSON!

To receive more information on owning your own LulaRoe business please contact Sadi Thompson at and follow her Instagram @lulagirlsblog!

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