Busy Girl's Guide to Quick Cleaning

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Keeping our home clean is something that is important to both my fiance and I, and having a little pup that enjoys getting dirty and coming in the house makes it tough to keep it clean all the time. With being a busy girl who is always on the go, it becomes easy to forget to clean up after yourself even if it takes less then a minute to do so. Luckily I have found some easy cleaning products to keep my house clean during the week which makes cleaning up on the weekend much easier. For today's post I wanted to share three quick cleaning ideas for a busy girl, that I do during the week to keep our home neat and tidy!

1. Kitchen - I cook dinner almost every night during the week. When I cook dinner I tend to make a mess and use almost every dish in my kitchen. I recently found Clorox Pump 'N Clean Kitchen & Dish Cleaner which has changed my life. Instead of pulling out my spray kitchen cleaner I keep this on the counter, pump a little into a paper towel and wipe down any mess I have made with just one hand. It is great for a multi-tasker like me! Plus it looks great on the counter!

2. Bathroom - It is so easy to make a mess on my counter top, with makeup, spilled lotion, and toothpaste. Sometimes these things get forgotten and the counter top becomes hard to clean. The same goes for the shower. My shower can become dirty very quickly. The Clorox ScrubSingles are so easy to use, all I do is wet them, scrub away the mess, and toss them in the trash when I am all set. I use them in my bathroom, on my floors, and outside on my patio furniture to get rid of any tough stains.

3. Living Room - Having a little pup with long fur creates loads of dust that I seem to be cleaning up all the time. To quickly clean this up I use the Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes. These wipes make it to easy to quickly swipe my wood surfaces and pick up the dust. Dusting weekly has contained the dusty mess my little pup can create and helped control our allergies. I use these on my wooden surfaces, my couch, blinds, and baseboards.

Taking a few minutes each day to clean up these areas of my house makes it so easy to do a deep clean on the weekends since these areas are already taken care of. If you are a busy girl like me spending a minute or two to wipe and dust your home will give you more time to do other things you love, like play with your dog or spend time with your fiance! I know this makes a major difference in my life!

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My Everyday Life is Made Better by Clorox and Cartwheel. How do you make your everyday life better? Comment below!

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