5 Things To Do For The Special Lady In Your Life

Mother's Day may have been last weekend but your mom or any special lady in your life should always be celebrated. I wanted to put together five things that you can do for the special lady in your life no matter what the occasion is! I know my mom always feels special on Mother's Day but my brother and I always try to do little special things throughout the year to make sure she feels extra special! 

1. Take her to a restaurant she has been dying to go to - Usually, my brother and I take my mother out to eat for Mother's Day. This year she we took her to a restaurant that she has been wanting to go to because one of the chefs from Top Chef, one of her favorite shows, worked there. The most important thing is to remember what her favorite things are. Even though you think it may never come in handy remembering a favorite thing can go a long way!

2. Bring her to do something she loves - Just like in number one, bring her to do something she loves! I know in the case of my mom or even me, we love to be active. This year we went on a long walk through Brookline, MA this year, but in past years we have gone on hikes. My mom, in particular, loves to run and hike so taking her on a walk or a hike will mean a lot to her. It gives her a chance to reminisce and talk to you. Take your mom, girlfriend, fiance, whatever.. for a walk! They will love it!

3. Take them to the spa - Really though, who doesn't love the spa! Get them a gift certificate so they can be pampered with a massage, manicure, pedicure, wax, etc. They will love it, I promise. Who doesn't want a minute to themselves when they don't have to think about what they are doing and when they are doing it. It certainly means a lot to your favorite female in your life when you give them the perfect chance to relax and unwind.

4. Cook for them - I am not just talking about your mom here, but any female loves to have something cooked for them. Your food could taste like crap and they will still be thankful that you put the time and effort into putting something together so that they don't have to cook anything and clean up after you and themselves. Something like this can certainly go a long way.

5. Buy her flowers - Just show up with flowers. Just do it, whenever and where ever you get a chance. You may be going to dinner or just getting home from work but even one rose or two can make her feel so special. It just shows that you put some thought into something. It is important to show her you care and the little things always mean the most. Truly it will mean a lot!

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