Lavender + Lace

Silhouette it Be Beige and Lavender Lace Dress || Nude Chinese Laundry Heels similar (here and here)

Have you ever found a dress, a pair of shoes or a piece of jewelry and thought to yourself, wow I think that was made for me? For me it is usually anything with floral and lace detail or with a pretty pastel color. In this dress from Lulu's it combines two of my favorite things, lace and pastel. From the color to the beautiful lace covering the entirety of the dress I immediately fell in love. 

Silhouette it Be Beige and Lavender Lace Dress
Although, I don't have anything currently planned that I can wear this dress to I knew I had to get it before it sold out. One thing I am a firm believer of is if there is something you feel as though you absolutely have to have you can make the exception and purchase it. Trust me you will find the perfect opportunity to wear it! Not to mention my current manicure seemed to match almost too perfectly! If you are interested in purchasing this dress I would recommend purchasing a size larger then you normally do so that it will be longer. I also styled my hair simply by gathering it all to one side and placing a few bobby pins to secure it behind my ear.

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