White Washed Fire Place

To start the New Year off, Mark and I decided to do a little project on our fire place to freshen it up. Although we loved the exposed brick look of the fire place we wanted to lighten up the room a little bit. This project was extremely easy and inexpensive.  It took us one afternoon to complete and cost us in total about $100! Follow along below to see how we refreshed our fire place. 

We first removed the mantle and television and vacuumed all three sides of the brick.

We then sanded the step on the fire place. The step had been coated in polyurethane. If we hadn't sanded it the paint would have not adhered as well.

Mark started off coating a few bricks to see how we liked it. It was hard to tell but we continued going. He used a regular paint brush and went two levels of brick at a time being careful not to overlap the paint.

Here is the front completed. We just had to hang the television and the mantle! I was so excited about how it was looking.

Having a boyfriend who owns a Benjamin Moore paint store is a blessing. He is always looking to try out new products and give something a fresh coat of paint. In order to complete this project we used two sample jars of Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Deck & Siding Semi-Transparent Stain in Maritime White which cost about $6 each. We also purchased a new mantle which cost us $90. See the finished project below.

I love the look of our refreshed fire place! Let me know if you liked this type of post - we have many  more projects we are planning to complete that I would love to document!

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