Simple Waterfall Braid Tutorial

Braided hairstyles are extremely trendy right now. Since I am always looking for new styles I decided to ask local hair stylist and little sister, Gracie Atkins, to stop by yesterday to show me a simple waterfall braid tutorial. Follow along below to see how to achieve this look.

1. Create waves in your hair. You can follow how I curl my hair here.
2. Part hair in the middle of your forehead and gather a 1 to 2 inch piece. Separate into three pieces and begin on the top of your head so that it appears that your hair is cascading downward. 
3. Begin by braiding a classic French Braid, adding more hair to each section as you cross over. Do this step a few times.
4. Start the waterfall braid by crossing over a section and drop that piece of hair completely. 
5. Pick up a new piece of hair just by the piece you dropped and continue braiding.
6. Repeat Step 5 for each section you cross over. Use your fingers to tug gently on the strands to maintain tightness of the braid.
7. Once you reach the other side of your head, turn the braid into a regular braid with a piece from the other end and secure with a bobby pin behind your ear.

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