I had been searching high and low for some new decorations for Valentine's Day and to much avail, I wasn't able to find anything! It seems to be that most stores don't have much for Valentine's Day. Since I couldn't find what I was looking for I decided to create something of my own. I picked up some supplies from Michael's and was on my way! Follow below to see how I created these adorable rose covered XO's.

I originally wanted a white X and O but I found these black ones that were the perfect size (about 6 inches tall) I also grabbed some glue sticks and a glue gun to paste all of the roses to the front.

I started off by taking all of the rosebuds off of the stems of the roses. I am not crazy about fake flowers however these were truly adorable. Thanks to my best friend Alex for helping me pick them out! I decided to go with three colors so that I would have enough contrast of colors.

I then cut the stem further so that the bottom was flat and would stand up straight.

 I began gluing the bottom of each of the roses one by one and covering the front of the X. I had no pattern going but I tried not to place the same color next to each other which was pretty easy because I had three different colors to work with.

 Here is the beginning of my X. I continued until I had covered the entire X and the O.

 In my living room I have a shelf that I decorate for different seasons or holidays. This was the first time I had made something myself for the shelf. I think it will be something I do more often!

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