Classic Staples

There are a few items that I truly believe that every girl should have in her closet. They are items that are versatile and can be interchanged in multiple different outfits. I have started to purchase things that I can envision myself wearing them in multiple ways. In the past I have purchased something that I would only be able to wear once or twice. However, in terms of simplifying my life and saving money I have been trying to purchase things I only truly need or would wear multiple times. See what I believe every girl should have in her closet below.

The Classic Staples
Trench Coat
Crisp white or blue button down shirt
Destroyed skinny jeans
Soft brown leather handbag
Black pumps

What would you think is a staple for the every girl's closet? Comment and find links for the look below and follow on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest for daily inspiration!

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