Holiday Home Decor

The holidays are right around the corner! Although you may have already planned out your Christmas decor I wanted to share two of my favorite decor trends for Christmas. My current favorite is the Natural or Woodland holiday trend. You will find all throughout my house whites, creams, and golds, along with a wreath filled with pine cones and flowers in wooden boxes. The natural decor goes well with the rest of my house which is painted whites, greys, and tans alone with white bedding and light colored pillows. 

I also enjoy the sight of more traditional decorations such as colored lights and reds and greens. The traditional board is filled with red as nothing says Christmas more then red stockings and red berry wreaths. I also chose this bedazzled Pier1 pillow to add a pop of shine!

What is your favorite holiday home decorating trend?

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Holiday Home Decor - Natural

Holiday Home Decor - Traditional

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