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Summer Styles

Today, I am rounding up some of my favorite looks from last summer that I have been seeing still available in stores for this summer! I had originally had this post planned for yesterday, but #momlife. Sometimes when you are planning on sticking to a schedule things just get thrown out the window and your baby doesn't want to nap! My plan is to still stick to the schedule but just a day later!

When I think of summer I think of fun, flirty dresses and rompers. I love the more casual every day look for dresses but it always seems as though there are a few get togethers each summer that require a little more of a formal dress. For example, I just had a wedding last weekend and wore this dress and have an engagement party next weekend that I am still looking for a dress for! One of my favorite casual dresses has to be this black off the shoulder dress. It is so easy to wear it during the day or to dress it up a bit for night. I wore this dress so many times last summer and I can't wait to wear it again all summer. I added a belt like this one to accentuate my waist!
Another favorite of mine for the summer is a romper. A easy style like this short sleeve chambray romper is so great for an easy day out. I wore this one so many times as a beach coverup or just if I was out with my husband or friends. It is great to wear when you are looking for something a little more casual that you can "romp" around in. Think cookouts where you play backyard games! I love this easy look and soft feel! Here is a very similar sleeveless style!
My all time favorite style from last summer is this Lace Midi Dress. It was quite expensive but I purchased it for my bridal shower. Here are a few similar styles that are a fraction of the price (here and here). Every summer we always have a few things we have to get dressed up for and although I am not a bride this summer I have plenty of friends that are! I am constantly looking for a new dress to wear for different events. If you are a bride this year I definitely recommend the dress below. It is super flattering and made beautifully!
Now that I have rounded up some of my favorite summer styles from last year I can't wait to show you what I have in store for this year!

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Two Months

Two months ago the most wonderful little guy was brought into our life. It is crazy how much time flies and how quickly children grow and change. Just one month ago I was writing a post on Cameron's first month (read it here). Cameron's first month was full of new sensations for him. I noticed him starting to smile and really see our faces. Now he has turned into mister independent. Although he can't sit on his own yet, he wants to be propped up on your lap or on a pillow and lifts his head like a champ when he is doing tummy time. He reaches for his toys and even our pup, Brady. 

When Cameron was nearing his two month mark, we decided to place him in his crib slowly to see how he did sleeping at night and have not turned back. Although he still wakes up once or twice at night he does such a great job in his crib and DockATot and HALO SleepSack which makes him feel extra secure. In the morning I love going into his room to find him with the biggest smile on his face babbling away! He is one talkative guy and blows bubbles at us already! I keep saying he's a genius but I might just think so because he is mine. 

Each day we do all sorts of things together. We read books, go for walks, and play with his toys and Brady. I know each of these things will help his development and I am always looking for new activities to do with him. I take him out wherever I go and it is great to get out of the house! We still have some sleepless nights but are days are full of love and laughter. My husband and I are the luckiest to have Cameron in our life! I can't wait to continue to write these posts to look back on and see how much he has changed!

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XO, Michelle

Friday Five - Baby Edition

Today, is the first installment of my new Friday Five posts. Each Friday, I am going to round up five things I have been loving. Since my life has been all things baby lately I decided I would round up five baby items/brands that I have been swearing by. Not only have they been essentials for me but they would also make excellent gifts to a new mom! Keep reading to find out more!

1. MORI Organic Zip-Up Sleepsuit + MORI Organic Baby Hat - When you have a newborn, sleep is hard to come by. You try everything just to get a few more minutes of sleep. For the first few weeks we made the mistake of not swaddling Cameron and those little flailing arms woke him up far too often. Plus nighttime diaper changes are extremely difficult when you have to work on unbuttoning snaps and re-buttoning them. The MORI Organic Zip-Up Sleepsuit has been a lifesaver for us. It is made with all natural ingredients, has fold over mitts, and is made out of the softest materials. Plus he looks extra adorable in it! We love this little sleepsuit
2. Matimati Baby Bandana Bibs - These bibs are AMAZING. They are made of a very absorbent fabric that will help save any outfit. Right now Cameron is both breast and bottle fed and these bibs have saved so much time and clothes from becoming ruined. I love the designs and also that they are bandana style. You can match them to an adorable outfit and have your little one wear them all day. Not only are they stylish and functional but a percentage of each purchase goes toward the fight against human trafficking. If you sign up for their Matimati Baby Club you can receive 25% off your order. 
3. Finn + Emma Baby Rattle Buddy Finn + Emma Baby Wood Rattle Teether - Cameron has recently begun loving his toys! With his eyesight gradually improving I have been able to sit with him and show him some toys that he will reach for and smile! We love the Finn + Emma Baby Rattle Buddy which helps to keep him entertained and is adorable! I can't wait to try out the Finn + Emma Baby Wood Rattle Teether once he starts to teethe.
4. Skip Hop Owl Soother -  Cameron loves music! Every day we are listening to something, whether it is while he is asleep or if we are dancing around the house. It soothes him and makes him happy. This is why we love the Skip Hop Owl Soother. It serves as both a device that plays us multiple songs and sounds and also is a great night light for night time wake ups!
5. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock - This shopping cart hammock has made trips to the grocer store so much easier. I use to bring in his entire car seat carrier and put it into the shopping cart which took up too much room and I could hardly fit any of my groceries in it. I love the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock because I can easily take him in and out of the grocery store! I also feel that he is safe in his little hammock.
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Floral Caftan Top

My favorite thing to wear during my pregnancy was hands down this tunic. I mean look at it! The color is gorgeous and it is extremely comfortable. I have been continuing to wear it well into my post pregnancy phase! One thing I am most excited about it is for this summer. I plan on wearing it with a bikini all summer. Since I no longer have a belly, I will usually tuck it into my jeans to slim out the look and it is slightly longer and looks almost like it could be a dress which makes it perfect as a beach coverup.
My favorite pair of denim ended up being this destroyed pair from Lilac Clothing. It has a full band for belly support and is slightly oversized so they are extremely comfortable. I have since packed away these jeans since I no longer need them but I know they will be the first pair I pull out when we have baby number two!
This bag and shoes have both been seen on byQuinn.com many times and luckily are still available. I purchased both last summer and you can still purchase them now! When items are available year after year I feel that they won't go out of style for a while and the investment is well worth it!

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Aveda Tulasara Skincare

Over the past few years my love for skincare and beauty has grown and evolved. I have been lucky enough to have an amazing friend that works for an Aveda salon who always recommends new products or me to try and let me tell you I have never been let down. I am a lover of all natural ingredients especially when I am using them on my face. During the winter and while I was pregnant, my skin was SO dry it was almost too much for me to bear some days. My skin was dry and my makeup looked awful because I did not have smooth skin to work with. That was when I paid a visit to my Aveda salon for a facial and was recommended the Aveda Tulasara Overnight Wedding Masque
At first I was quite confused and thought it was a mask that I used on my face and then washed off so I didn't touch it for a few days. Then when my friend mentioned to me she put it on like a moisturizer right before bed and woke up with smooth, radiant skin it all made sense! I started using it at night along with the Aveda Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye Overnight Cream. This became my nightly ritual right before getting into bed. 
While I was at my facial, I mentioned this nightly ritual and was told that there is an actual daily ritual product that I should get my hands on. Seeing that I loved the other two products, I thought I would give it a try. This daily ritual is different though, it combines dry brushing of your face and neck followed by an oil that you apply all over to nourish skin, melt away facial tension, and awaken subtle energies for a radiant complexion. This sounded amazing to me so I got my hands on the Aveda Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual Kit.
The Aveda Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual Kit includes two products, a luxe face brush and a nourishing oil. The ritual has two parts. First, you dry brush your face on with clean dry skin in an upward and outward circular motion. You do so for 1 minute to awaken your skin and restore your healthy balance. Next, you warm a few pumps of the oil, breathe in the aroma and massage into your skin. Leave this on for about 4 minutes before cleansing your skin and following with your skincare routine.   
The oil has amazing scents of rose, jasmine, and geranium. It not only awakens you for the day but also cleanses and nourishes your skin! 
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Polka Dot

This week I am finishing up with a few maternity styles I shot the week before cameron arrived. I truly loved showing off my belly and staying stylish while we were awaiting our little man! Luckily I found some amazing brads such as Lilac Clothing. I have also styled some pieces from them here, here, and here. My favorite things about the pieces from Lilac Clothing is that I am able to continue to wear them now! In fact I will be re-shooting all of these outfits so that I can show how versatile the brand is!

To be honest, being a blogger and being pregnant was truly amazing. I was able to document each stage of my pregnancy and now I have tons of photos I can look back on with little Cameron in my belly and will be able to show him one day. I hope that when we have our second child I am still blogging so that I am able to do the same! Some of the photos I love the most are from the holidays. I can't wait to show him one day.
Although I hardly wore heels while I was pregnant with Cameron, these nude pumps are probably my go to pump. I have a few pairs of shoes I have splurged on the past few years and can completely justify each one of them! When I splurge on a shoe, I usually go with a neutral that I know I will wear  a ton. Along with my Christian Louboutins, I have also splurged on a few pairs of Stuart Weitzmans. They are classics and in my opinion, won't go out of style much like this polka dot dress! You can never go wrong with a navy polka dot dress!
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