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Cameron + Carters

In my opinion, Cameron looks good in almost anything. As we have been transitioning into the cooler months, I have been looking for all sorts of layering outfits for Cameron. I have searched high and low for the perfect fall transition pieces for him but have not always had the best luck. After heading to our local Carter’s store I was delighted to find all sorts of layering pieces that we picked up for the fall And the best part? I was also able to work towards getting $10 off a future purchase by being a member of the Rewarding Moments Loyalty Program!
Items that work best for us are casual and comfortable pieces that Cameron can easily nap in during the day. Sometimes it is fun to get dressed up but I try to keep his outfits simple and soft. Onesies work best for him since he is starting to become more and more mobile. I love this one because it has the most adorable hood!
Since Cameron was born, he has grown so fast. As a fashionista, I am always looking for new ways for Cameron and I to coordinate. It can become expensive to purchase clothing for him often, so I really appreciate programs like the Rewarding Moments Program at Carter’s. With the Rewarding Moments Program it makes it worth it to shop for Cameron. With every $100 you spend you receive $10. A few other amazing brands are also part of the Rewarding Moments Program such as SkipHop and OshKosh. Across all three brands you can use your rewards to purchase all sorts of items for your little one! Some other great perks worth mentioning are free birthday gifts, early access to new arrivals, and free shipping if you can't find the item you want in store. The best part is it is absolutely FREE to join!

Click here to sign up!
Be sure to sign up for the Rewarding Moments Program at Carter’s, Osh Kosh and SkipHop and check out all of their new arrivals!

Thank you so much to Carter’s for partnering with me on this post.

Faux Suede Moto Jacket

I am a chronic re-wearer. Sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing. It is a good thing when I can create multiple different outfits out of one item but it is a bad thing when one of those go to pieces is currently in the laundry! All of these pieces have been seen in multiple ways and I am hoping to continue to wear all of them all season long. The newest addition to my wardrobe are these Hush Puppies Chardon Loafer
I have been loving loafers and mules for fall and the funny thing is I can't help but think back to high school every time I receive a new pair. In high school clogs and mules were the only shoes I would wear. In fact, I would get detentions because I refused to wear socks with my shoes (fashionista in the making). Now as an adult it seems to be the same way all over again. Over the past few months I accumulated quite the collection and yes, I still refuse to wear socks.
Another piece in my wardrobe that has been re-worn a few times in the few short weeks that I have had it is this faux suede jacket. I have worn it in this post and in this post on Instagram. The reason I love it is because it is a great neutral color. I feel as though you can almost wear it with anything. As I have mentioned before if there is one thing that I think you should get for the fall it is some sort of moto jacket. They are great for those days you just need to cover up but don't want to wear a cardigan. I have my eye on the grey one I have linked below!
Since I mentioned high school above, I thought I would mention that I wore a uniform in high school. Now-a-days I think of specific items in my closet as part of my "uniform". One item that I almost always have on are a pair of destroyed skinny jeans. I am a stickler for denim and I think it is actually the only thing I feel okay with spending more on than I usually do. I love great quality denim and always have! This pair is my favorite.

Shop everything in this post below + a few extra faux suede jackets I am loving!

Body Boss

Finding time to exercise as a new mom is not always easy. I love going to classes and being in a group setting but that is not always possible when you have a five-month-old. For me my solace comes when I exercise. I am able to clear my head and think about something other than the baby or my job. Sometimes I think breaking a sweat and getting my heart racing is my favorite form of meditation.
Since getting to the gym is sometimes impossible, I have looked of ways I can take a break and work up a sweat while I am at home. My favorite way to sneak in a quick workout has recently been with BodyBoss. Sometimes I only have thirty minutes when I get home from work while Cameron takes his afternoon nap. Since I only have short period of time I look for something that I can accomplish a lot in those short quiet moments. I take to my living room or backyard and I get into one of the many workouts from the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide by BodyBoss, which are only 24 minutes long. First, I started with the bonus 4 Week Pre-Training Program included in the book. If you’re like me and are completely new to the high intensity workout, the pre-training program will help ease you right into it and prep you better for the real cycle! The plan that I have been focusing on is the 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program. The program includes 4 cycles of 3 weeks fun and challenging high intensity workout that I never get bored with! Since I only have a short period of time, HIIT workouts are what I have found help me to achieve maximum results. The quick intervals allow me to work up a sweat and burn fat quickly.
One of my favorite things about BodyBoss is that there is a different guided workout for each day of the week. Not only is there a workout for 3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) of the week, there are also stretches/cool down exercises for you to work on before you workout and you are told which days should be rest days as well.

Luckily I have a treadmill at home so I can hop on it for a quick cardio workout on my rest days. Sometimes I will take my entire workout outside for a change of scenery! With the workouts planned out for you each day there is little thought put into what needs to be done on your own. It makes it easy to keep going and also keeps your body guessing. I also like how I can do the workouts at my own pace and am able to gauge how far can I push my body week by week. 

This program is definitely designed to drive BIG results in a short amount of time. With just doing the 4 Week Pre-Training Program, I started to feel more comfortable in my pre-pregnancy clothing and had more energy than before! It is of course important to stick to the workouts closely every week to fully enjoy the benefits of these workouts. 
The guide is beautifully designed with large instructional photos and motivational quotes that will motivate you along the way. The pictures/instructions in the book also help guide you through your workouts should you be unfamiliar with the moves. If you prefer to carry everything digitally, BodyBoss has an online edition that has interactive animations to make sure you are doing the workout in the right form! You can also purchase the package which is both the online edition plus the 200-page booklet here! Each time I start a new week, I am motivated for the workouts for the week and can’t wait to start! Aching from a workout has never felt this fulfilling Plus I am able to complete my entire workout before Cameron wakes up from his nap – perfect for fellow mummies out there! 

No reason for you not to try the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide! I can’t wait to complete the full 12-weeks and share my results with you guys here! 

Fall Transitions: Peplum Tee

A few weeks ago I showed you all this amazing peplum tee that I absolutely love. Normally when it comes to clothing I gravitate for solid tops and neutral colors and this top fits perfectly into my wardrobe. I love the combination of white and denim as well and these two just look too perfect together for fall!
I have always loved the peplum stye and since fall is all about layers I thought a long sleeve tee with a bit of detail would be a great addition to my fall transition series. I can picture this under my faux suede moto jacket from this post or my favorite denim jacket. The best part of this top is that it comes in all sorts of colors. So if you like to wear something a little more bold check out the yellow stripe!
I am always so sad to see summer fade away but I always get so excited to see fall styles in the stores.  One thing I always look forward to purchasing are a new pair of booties. This year I wanted to look for something a little different and I think I found the perfect pair. I usually look for a lower heel so I can wear them during the day. I purchased this pair because they are actually convertible! I love that they can be worn as both a mule and as a bootie! Talk about versatile!
Head on over to my Facebook page and let me know what you think about this peplum tee as a fall transition!

Fall Transitions: Silk Dress

Everywhere you look this year you have seen so many different silk dress styles. To be honest I never  really got into the silk dress train until recently. I love the look and the luxurious feel but I never was crazy about the unstructured fit of most silk or satin dresses. When I was searching in a hurry for a dress to wear to an event last weekend I came across this one and loved the color and style. I love wrap dresses they are so flattering on women (thank you DVF). They sinch your waist just where it should be and create beautiful, flattering lines. 
I picked a silk dress as a perfect fall transition because it is a great layering piece. Here I am wearing it with a pair of sandals but as the weather gets cooler, I will be switching it up and wearing it with a pair of booties. I also purchased this faux suede jacket just to wear with this dress but have already thought of a ton of different ways to wear it. Usually I purchase at least one moto jacket to wear during fall. Last year I purchased a burgundy one (see it here) and this year I purchased this tan one. I love neutrals and thought it would be worn over and over again. 

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