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Stripe Tunic

Over the past few months since Cameron has been born I have been feeling as though I have a whole new wardrobe. In reality it is just the clothing I wore pre-pregnancy! Although I have been rediscovering all sorts of things in my closet, I have treated myself to a few new things. As my belly grew I found that less and less I wanted to spend money on clothing that I knew I wouldn't be wearing much longer. I ended up resorting to leggings which this top from Lilac Clothing ended up being the perfect length and style. It was also great for layering with my favorite Black Cardigan.

Now that I am back to my normal size, I have been also repurposing my maternity wear. Many of the maternity items I have are such good quality I thought it would be a shame to pack them away and not be able to wear them until the next baby came along. This tunic is super long so I thought I would knot the front and make it a bit shorter. I wore my new favorite high waisted jeans and espadrilles to create a casual look. 
Maybe it is because I am a mom now but I find that high-waisted jeans are much ore comfortable then any other jean. I have been stocking up in all sorts of styles. As I have mentioned before, I LOVE denim and I am a sucker for great quality denim. I have always loved jeans from Express but the pairs I use to have had a two inch zipper and showed off my butt crack, hello highschool... I love this chic and stylish high-waisted pair. They are comfortable and a great wash.

Blue + White Embroidered Top

One of my all time favorite color combinations has always been blue and white. It is funny because whenever I wear this color combination, I think about the days when I was in high school and I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch. I would want to purchase the tiniest white denim shorts and would only wear navy or lighter blues with them. I loved that job and I like to think that is where my love for fashion started!

Earlier today, I was doing a little bit of shopping for a vacation at the end of August to the beach. One thing I noticed was that I was picking very similar styles to this top. I love the flowing style that can easily transition into a top for a chillier night. The material is lightweight and perfect for the beach. It also looks great with both jeans and shorts! Such a versatile little top!
In just a few weeks we will be heading to Ogunquit, ME. After our wedding last summer this was where we went for a break after our wedding. It was the perfect little getaway and we have decided to make it a tradition to head there every summer. Once Cameron is old enough we will bring him to Maine with us! I am so excited for this because Maine is our favorite place to visit and we can't wait to start creating memories with him!

Beach Yoga + Ocean Spray

It was a day in the works for quite some time. The weather hadn't cooperated and the event had to be rescheduled twice. Finally, we received a break in the rain and some beautiful bloggers and I met up to enjoy some beach yoga and delicious Ocean Spray® Mocktails. I brought together these beautiful ladies to celebrate being a mother as well as celebrate our mothers and share the best advice we have received from them!
I envisioned the day for quite some time. Some of the bloggers I had been following on Instagram for a while and some I already knew. It is always so much fun getting together with a group of ladies who all have a shared interest and who also love trying new things. Some of the ladies had never done yoga before and some were quite experienced. Lauren of Roses and Rain Boots brought her wonderful mother who practices yoga regularly. It was so nice to have her there! Jen from Red White & Denim does yoga all the time and nailed all of the poses! Yinka from Yours Truly, Yinka had such great energy and ideas for photos! Amanda from 5 Feet of Fashion is also a mother and has gorgeous style and a fun personality! I loved spending the morning with all of these truly inspiring ladies!
The drinks we tasted were the all new Ocean Spray® Mocktails. They are non-alcoholic juice drinks inspired by your favorite cocktails! They are so refreshing and delicious and offer an alternative to only drinking water while you are pregnant! These amazing juices are made with all real fruit juice, are 90 calories per serving, and have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They come in three GREAT flavors, Cranberry Peach Bellini, Cranberry Sangria, & Tropical Citrus Paradise. I do have to say, my favorite flavor of the three was the Cranberry Peach Bellini. I added a little bit of seltzer to mine for a little fizz! I have shared these with some friends who are currently expecting and they LOVE them too!
After the tasting, we got started on some beach yoga. My aunt, Maria, has been a yoga instructor for many years and a great figure in my life. I couldn't have had a better person be our yoga instructor for the day! She gave us some great tips on our form as well as showed us some new yoga poses to practice at home. She motivated us and gave us some wisdom. We all enjoyed the class and I know I am pretty sore today!
Our event was turned into a relaxing escape with yoga and the tasting of some amazing drinks! I think we all had our favorites and thought of a ton of different occasions that we could all enjoy our drinks! Jen said she was purchasing some for her beach vacation she was heading on shortly. I also stocked my fridge with my favorite flavors to enjoy with company at home or on the go!
Each of these ladies are all so inspiring in so many different ways! We also took the time to talk about the best advice our own mothers gave us. Each of the ladies had such different answers. Stay tuned for short clips for all of us telling our best advice from our mothers!

There were so many beautiful photos it was hard for me to stop including them! Keep on scrolling for some awesome photos from one woman who has been a true inspiration to me, Sasha Dale Photography.
*This post and event was sponsored by Ocean Spray®. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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